We provide daily activites with the help of our fully qualified Volunteer Activity Tutors and hot meals for all our Service Users during each weekday at our office base on Belmont Road, Anfield.  Together with our very own Residents Committee, we offer our eyes & ears to our Service Users to help improve our services.

  • Daily Soup Kitchen
  • Daily Hot Meals
  • Residents Band
  • Drum Lessons
  • Guitar Lessons
  • Making & Learning Aromatherphy
  • Herbal Tea Mornings
  • Spring & Summer Picnics & Park Walks
  • Arts & Design
  • Performing Arts
  • Health Workshops
  • Relaxation
  • Massage
  • Hair cuts
  • Residents Committee
  • Football

The project has developed working partnerships with a number of external agencies such as Nacro, HMPS, and several homeless service providers. Working in partnership with like minded agencies has given us more insight and introduced several different person centred approaches to our target population, depending on the needs of the service users.

Improved Health and Emotional Well-being.

If we are taught in our early years to enjoy healthy lifestyles so it becomes the norm, to be healthy in body and mind is a clear goal of us all. Our approaches to keeping healthy are in the main proactive and reactive depending on our own views and the views of those who influence us, education, environment and peer group are all involved within the spectrum of health and emotional well being and to have access to appropriate physical and physiological health care is a right of us all. Using tools, language and philosophies from other sectors within health and social care we can transfer these skills with some adaptation to work within the offender management programs and current NOMS strategies and initiatives.

Each service user is given the opportunity to develop a health action plan which incorporates individual choices and needs, at present we operate this service using statutory and other volunteer groups to access this company of support. Such as city council leisure facilities and other local amenities.

The primary health care is looked at together with the individual concerned and a series of physical health checks and more specialist NHS services are sort, ensuring each person has a record of events and an action plan.